Drum Heaters for 55 Gallon Drums

What are drum heaters, and why do companies use them?

Drum heaters are used in chocolate making, the makeup world, and the tar and grease industries to keep barrels warm and prevent them from freezing. These drums run on electricity and can stay heated for long periods. A good example is Rama Corporation’s 55-gallon drum heaters, which keep your product warm while in storage, up until the time it’s needed. This prevents your product from hardening or spoiling.

Drum heaters can also be used to liquefy substances when you want to pour them onto mold as well. Overall, they are very easy to move about and popular in cooler regions.

About the Heaters

Major companies use these heaters as waste oil drum heaters because they can keep the oil from solidifying by keeping the barrel temperatures above the melting point. This allows the drums to reach up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit and remain warm in the face of any elements. In addition, these heaters are reusable and easy to put on and off, making them ideal for various industries, businesses, and even the military.

The 55 Gal Drum Heater Information

The steel drum heater band is covered with a thin silicone layer. These bands help with heating by being an insulation layer, and it can be layered up to three times. This helps with keeping things warm and above the melting temperature. And, it helps keep the 55-gallon drum band heater from overheating. These layers help store warm energy.   These bands are easy to move from one barrel to the next. However, they do need electricity to function properly. When the band heats, the liquid on the outer edges heats. This will make the liquid rise as it warms, which causes natural stirring on the inside.

Underneath Heating Process

On the underside of a heater, you have what they called the drum base heater. This heater is the major heat source for all the barrels. It creates heat which starts at the bottom where the source of heat is and moves up the walls. This causes even heating on the sides of the barrel. Having the silicone layer around the barrel helps keep the heat in. This acts as a blanket and will reduce the energy cost of heating the barrels. These silicone jackets are also reusable, as well as the heater.   These two have that natural stirring action that happens as the liquid heats, it rises and the cold moves in. This makes the liquid inside stay at a constant temperature throughout the barrel. All of our barrel drum heaters are made right here in the U.S.

Heating Up

Heaters can also be used in a warehouse or outside as well as inside. They can be made as a permanent fixture for your storage area and can come on and off easily. Or you can unplug them and take them with the entire barrel. These have been designed so that they are easy to use and portable. All of our products go through stringent testing to ensure we offer nothing but the highest quality. We believe in keeping our manufacturing right here at home. This allows us to have been quality control and superior products.

Top of the Drum

Now onto the top of the barrel. There is a lid and when you close it you will need to clamp it shut. This helps with heat and pressure on the inside to stay on the inside. The drum must be fully sealed in order for these types of heaters to work properly.   When the drum is sealed it creates an internal environment and that is when we get the natural mixing that occurs.

These heaters can be used outside as well as inside. They are designed to keep your liquid at the desired temperature no matter what the ambient air is. However, for better energy savings, it is important to get some silicone sleeves or other means to keep the heat inside the barrel, especially in colder temperatures. Rama Corporation has all its components made here in the United States. We believe in top-quality products and customer service. And, this shows in our heaters.

When looking for heaters and heating components, first you should know what you are going to use them for. Heaters come in all shapes and sizes as well as various ways they actually heat. We have a huge selection of band heaters, barrel heaters, insert heaters, and more. We work with our clients to get them exactly what they are looking for. If we don’t have it and they need it, we offer custom heaters as well. Not every application will fit one of our off-the-shelf heater systems, however, most will.

The following categories of heating elements make choosing Rama Corporation easy. Choose from any of the following: Band and Strip Heaters, Cartridge Heaters, Coiled Nozzle Heaters, Flexible Heaters, Immersion Heaters, Multicell Heaters, PVC Heaters, Thermocouples, Tubular Heaters, and Specialty Heaters.

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