Immersion Heating Element Types

Immersion heating element and the different types

Immersion heating elements come in various types, including circulation heaters, flange heaters, screw plug heaters and over the side heaters. Although they all serve the same purpose- that is, to heat substances- they operate on varying principles, making them suitable for different heating environments and applications.

That said, here is a closer look at the most common types of immersion heating elements.

Circulation Heaters

Like in the name, these heaters use circulation to heat the substance in the cylinder. The fluid passes through the heater and is heated as it flows past the heating element.

Circulation heaters are commonly used to heat oil or water and usually have a sheath for thermal insulation. Overall, they are great for freeze protection, heating water, heat transfer oil heating, and other applications.

Circulation heaters heat in a couple of ways;

  • Conduction: The heated rod warms up the substance around the rod, which then heats the substance around it.
  • Convection: As the heating element heats a fluid, the fluid expands and rises to the top. This creates a current within the container that the heater is in.
  • Radiance: Energy from electrical waves is used to heat the substance. However, this method does not work with gases.

Flange Heaters

Flange heaters use a blend of various compounds as the heating element, making them a bit more robust than most immersion heaters. The use of different metals also allows them to resist corrosion quite nicely.

This immersion heating element is used in petroleum, chemical, or water-based applications, including wax, soap, food applications, and saltwater. Overall, flange heaters are most common in the oil sector. Some heaters in these industries come with the flange already built-in, while others will need it welded onto the mount.

Screw Plug Heaters

Screw plug heaters are heating elements with threads that allow them to be screwed into their applications. This makes them easy to replace.

They are used in various applications, such as in the food and beverage industry. They are also found in laboratory clinics and used with automotive oils as well as explosive gases.

Over the Side Immersion heating element Heaters

Over-the side-immersion heaters are popular in the industrial sector, where they are used a lot with oil and as degreasing solutions.

They are simple to use as they literally, just as their name suggests, hang over the side, from where they heat the substance around them gradually.

Over-the-side immersion heaters also have water-resistant housing and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your container’s needs. This style of immersion heaters is great as it is mobile and can be used in multiple containers when the need arises.

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What is an Immersion Heating Element?

immersion heating elementAn immersion heater is a heating element placed (immersed) in the fluid to be heated. That way, it heats the liquid directly from inside the cylinder.

Immersion heating elements are employed in various applications to keep chemicals, fluids, and gases warm. They can be installed on trucks, small cylinders, and large tanks to heat liquids rapidly.

There are three types of immersion heaters such; circulations heaters, flange heaters, and over the side heaters, all of which are discussed above.

Immersion Heater Applications

Immersion heater applications are all around you- in homes as well as businesses and industrial settings. They are used for pasteurizing milk, heating oil, and heating water; yes, your water heater contains an immersion heater if it is electric.

Immersion heaters are also used in the Nuclear Power industry, wastewater management, gas/oil industry, cement curing, food processing, laboratories, the chemical industry and can be found in common household items such as coffee makers.

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