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Heat transfer in the food processing industry

Heat transfer plays a considerable role in the food processing industry. It helps enhance the nutritional, safety, and sensory aspects of a product. Also, subprocesses like freezing, sterilization, and preservation rely on efficient heat transfer

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Custom heating with cartridge heater

Indirect Heating using Cartridge Heaters Indirect heating systems transfer heat energy from heat sources to targeted material through either conduction, convection, radiation, or in some cases, a combination of these. And in this case, we’ll

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Inline Heaters in the construction industry

Inline heaters are highly efficient and versatile in their applications. Thus, they are quite commonly used in the construction industry for a wide range of project specifications. Their versatility and customizability also allow them to

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Flex Heater Blows Away Expectations

As the leading American-based industrial heating element manufacturer, Rama Corporation’s products have a diverse range of applications. This was evident when its team manufactured a Flex Heater that exceeded all expectations during an intriguing popcorn

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Immersion Heating Element Types

Immersion heating element and the different types Immersion heating elements come in various types, including circulation heaters, flange heaters, screw plug heaters and over the side heaters. Although they all serve the same purpose- that

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