Inline Heaters in the construction industry

Inline heaters are highly efficient and versatile in their applications. Thus, they are quite commonly used in the construction industry for a wide range of project specifications. Their versatility and customizability also allow them to be used in all climates for all types of industries.

But how exactly are they used, and what are their benefits? This article explores the applications and benefits of inline heaters in construction.

Case use Process heating

Inline heaters are used in construction projects where bitumen heating is involved. Bitumen, a common building material used for paving roads, sealing, and roofing, cannot be used in its normal state. It needs to be heated to prevent solidification, maintain quality, and remain usable.

Construction may also involve using heavy fuel oil to mix cement. But before mixing, heavy fuel oil requires preheating to make it usable and faster to work with- a function completed using an inline heater.

Inline Heater Benefits

Many heating elements can be used to heat construction materials like bitumen and heavy fuel oil to usable temperatures. But most construction sites prefer inline heaters. Why? To answer that, let’s look at some of the benefits of inline heaters.

They are durable

Electric inline heaters feature a simple and durable design that protects them from external damage and reduces the risk of failure. This is very important in constructions sites, where it’s quite easy to damage heating elements. Here, there are all sorts of heavy equipment, dust and water exposure, and other hazards which can damage heater systems.

Having a durable element, like an inline heater, means peace of mind. Their simple design also makes them easy to repair and minimizes internal maintenance.

Easy to mount

The layout of a construction site frequently changes within a given period. Thus, it is important that the equipment there be easy to install, remove, and move. And it so happens that inline heaters, especially those used to heat bitumen, are exactly that.

They can also be skid-mounted. This makes it easier to move around and use one element for multiple applications or tanks.

Power in a compact size

Construction sites also demand efficient use of space. Traditionally, this meant picking the smallest heater available. And while that helped save on space, it came at the cost of power, which is in itself a very important aspect of worksite heaters. So you had to choose; power for space or space for power.

Fortunately, inline heaters have emerged as an effective solution to this dilemma. They are small and compact but still pack a powerful enough punch. This is especially the case with electric inline heaters, which are highly efficient since energy from electricity attains high temperatures quickly. And since they can be skid-mounted, you can keep yours away when not in use.

Even heat distribution

Heat distribution is a key to the efficiency of any heating application. It also matters in other aspects, like durability and quality of work. Too much discrepancy in the tank, and you’re facing equipment and product damage, leading to slow construction progress and high costs. It also compromises the safety of the workers and equipment.

Inline heaters avoid this quite comfortably. They are designed for even heat distribution across the vessel. Thus, construction sites can effectively heat products to high temperatures without worrying about safety. These heaters can also maintain temperatures quite well.


You can get an inline heater for any NEMA rating, from exposures (dust, weather, debris), moisture, operating temperature, and ambient temperature, to explosive hazards, fire hazards, and exposure to water (waterproofing, water-resistance, and submersion protection). This shows just how customizable they are for construction sites. They are a perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Get yours today

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