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RAMA’s heaters are the ultimate design in coiled type heaters. their design and technical development gives them a longer lifespan than the competition.

Rama Corp Coiled Nozzle

Coiled Nozzle Heaters Applications

Applications of Coiled Nozzle Heaters Include:

  • Plastic Injection Molding Nozzles
  • Sprue Bushings
  • Die Casting Nozzles
  • Metal Forming Punches
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Glue Systems
  • Scientific and Medical Device Industry
  • Laminating and Printing Presses
  • And Much More

Coiled Nozzle Heater Features

RAMA’s heaters are the ultimate design in coiled type heaters. their design and technical development gives them a longer lifespan than the competition, due to special features including:

  • 100% more surface contact
  • High Temperature connection
  • Integrated Thermocouple
  • Proportioned profile heating
  • RAMA’s manufacturing methods surpass all other round or square designs. Many features are proprietary and were developed to give you the most efficient heating possible.
  • RAMA’s coiled nozzle heaters are available in several sizes off the shelf, or customized to your order. Due to more durable construction and form fitting shape, our coiled nozzle heaters outlast the competition.
  • Do not bend 1 piece heaters
  • To provide close contact with heating surface, tighten clamping bands while taping around the outside of band heaters. After heat-up, occasionally re-tighten the clamping band.
  • Match the wattage of band and strip heaters as closely as possible to avoid excessive on/off cycling.
  • To tighten post terminals, bottom nut should be held in place while tightening top nut (to avoid putting stress on terminal).
  • Avoid spilling oils, grease, water or molten plastic on leadwires, post terminals or ends of heaters.
  • Do not pull on leadwires with a force exceeding 15 lbs.
  • Make sure strip heaters fit in close contact with surface to be heated, using clamping bars as required. After heat-up be sure heater has not expanded or bowed away from surface, retighten as required.
  • Select the band heater whose diameter most closely approximates the diameter of your part.

Installation and Operation

Coiled Nozzle Heaters Specifications

  • Standard leadwire length is 36”, with 34” red fiberglass sleeving
  • Other options such as stainless steel braid, ground wire, stainless steel conduit are also available.
  • Minimum profiled coil length is 1.50”
  • Maximum non-profiled coiled length is 8.00”
  • A tooling charge is required for a special flattened design other than our stocked ID’s
  • Special diameters may require a tooling charge
  • Thermocouple junctions cannot be grounded
  • Type ‘K’ thermocouple is available
  • Diameters up to 1” are the flattened design, diameters over 1” are non-flattened designs
  • Leadwire adder includes groundwire
  • Consult factory for special bend configurations or other requirements, tooling charges, etc.

Coiled Design Parameters

Bend Configuration ‘H’ Dimension


120V/240V (Standard)


85” Max


All designs greater than 3-1/2” long will be normally profiled


.875″.984″ or 1″



160 Per Linear In
164 Per Linear In
145 Per Linear In
143 Per Linear In128 Per Linear In



177 Per Linear In
248 Per Linear In
280 Per Linear In
282 Per Linear In
317 Per Linear In



ID (Nom)



Max Profiled Heat




ID (Nom)




Max Profiled Heat




Types of Coiled Heaters

Coiled Sprue Bushing Heaters

  • Rama’s coiled sprue bushing heaters are the ultimate in the coiled-type heater market. Their design and technical development gives them longer life due to special features and manufacturing methods that surpass all others. Many features are proprietary and were developed to give you the most efficient design possible.
  • This heating element offers full surface contact far superior to the standard round or square designs. Design-tested and proven to show longer life due to a more durable construction as well as offering uniform heat distribution along the length of the heater.
  • Rama has a large factory stock available in several sizes. Standard I.D. 0.500, 0.750, 0.866, 0.875, 0.984 nominal I.D. flattened. Standard features include internal thermocouple, Type J, flat coil design, proportional profiling, 34” conduit or fiberglass sleeving, and 36” leadwires.

Coiled Sprue Bushing Features

  • 1000% more surface contact
  • High temperature connection
  • Integrated T/C Type J
  • Proportioned profile
  • RAMA’S new coiled sprue bushing heater is available in several sizes off-the-shelf, or customized to your order. Design tested and proven to show longer life due to a more durable construction and form fitting shape.

Rama Hot Sprue Bushing Heater

  • The Rama hot sprue bushings are designed for direct gating on parts that require good cosmetics and minimal gate vestige. An internal RAMA®ROD cartridge-heated probe provides constant temperature control exactly at the crucial gate area. This center probe-heated melt requires no additional heating on the outside of the bushing and results in good air gap insulation between the bushing O.D. and the plate. A separate RAMA®BAND heater maintains even temperature at the entry point.
  • Rama has recently redesigned and significantly improved the performance of these bushings by enlarging and streamlining the melt flow entry port, adding a shielded power cable and separate clamping locating ring. Most significantly, the MEDIUM sized bushing will now retrofit with a standard cold sprue bushing without any additional machining.
  • Rama hot sprue bushings are offered in two types; gated and topless; and in 2 sizes, MEDIUM & LARGE. They are stocked in the most popular (A) drop sizes, 7/8 to 3-7/8, and are additionally available in extra stock type for contoured ends, sprue gates, and a variety of special gates to suit custom requirements. Our “Long Reach” bushings are available at up to a 10” (A) dimension and offer moldmakers a viable alternative to expensive and awkward long reach machine nozzles.

Types of Coiled Heaters

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