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The most efficient method of electrically heating water, oil or other fluid is by inserting a metal sheathed heating element into the fluid as close as possible to the bottom of the containment vessel. Forced circulation will increase efficiency and reduce heat-up time.

At Rama Corporation we run a tight ship and believe in high quality.  After all, many of our clients are relying on this heater for their livelihoods.  Choosing a US facility helps keep our jobs local and gives one a sense of pride as well.  

When working with a manufacturer that is located in the US you have a level of quality that you expect.  And, you have every right to expect that. The imported heating elements are flimsy and not of great quality.  Many times they are made of sub-par at best materials and are not built to last. And, often times you cannot visit the plant and see the operations.  Here at Rama Corporation, we are dedicated to our clients and their needs. We are just a phone call away and you are certainly welcome to visit the operations as well.  

Rama Corporation makes both on the shelf heating elements as well as custom options.  Do you have something that simply cannot find anywhere else? We can make it for you. Our engineering team can take your concept and make it a reality from the prototype to the full production.  

Our friendly staff can go over any concerns you might have and we are available when you are.  We are right here in the United States, which makes communication and doing business so much easier.

Using Immersion Heaters

There are many uses of immersion heaters and using immersion heaters is quite simple. An immersion heater is used to heat a liquid inside a vessel. Sometimes they are used to heat gases as well. Here at Rama Corporation, we make all our immersion heaters for various industries. Applications such as water heaters, oil warmers, and gas truck heaters are some of the industries we work with. We also manufacture various types of immersion heaters as well and everything is done, right down to the raw materials here in the US.

Rama Corporation has all kinds of various immersion heaters for sale and is happy to help you find the perfect one for your application. We offer various sizes as well as various designs and styles immersion heaters as well.

Immersion Heater Element Types

These simple but effective heaters are made up of a casing, thermostat, element coil, element base, and fiber washer. Having few components and no moving component make these a great choice for the heating of liquids inside tanks. If you are interested in immersion heaters, you have come to the right place. We are experts in the heater business and are proud to say we manufacturer right here in the United States.

We offer custom immersion heater solutions as well, if you are looking for something custom to be made. We also have many standard and in stock options as well. Here’s a general idea of the various options.

Over the Side Immersion Heaters

If you have a location where it is difficult to install a traditional through the side immersion heater, an over the side immersion heater is the perfect option. This type of heater can be dropped through the top of your vessel, leaving the heating element along the side or bottom of your holding tank.

This type of heater is available in a wide variety of formats and is installed with heating elements constructed of various materials. You can find a wide range of shapes, kilowatt ratings, and ways to mount this type of heaters, making them ideal for your industrial heating needs.

Immersion Heaters with Flanges

This type of immersion heater has a tube element that is welded to a flange and comes with wiring boxes to allow for electrical connections. These heaters come in a vast selection of kilowatt ranges and voltages, flange sizes, and terminal and sheath housings. This flexibility and adaptability make them an excellent choice for a wide variety of your heating needs. They’re easy to install and maintain. This heating method is highly efficient, and energy output is easy to control. To maintain high quality elements, we only use George T Hall Thermostat with our heaters.

Immersion heater thermostat

Immersion heaters are connected to their own power supply for heating and usually can be easily switched on or off. However, many times the heating process is done automatically via a thermostat. This immersion heater controller will regulate the temperature in the vessel.

Immersion heaters can be a backup solution for when the primary heater goes down or a permanent solution and your only source of heat. This heating method is very reliable and has been around for a very long time. So, it has been improved upon and made to be a great way to heat up liquids.

Screw Plug or Threaded Immersion Heaters

This type of immersion heater consists of a tubular element that is bent like a bobby pin, then welded on to a screw plug. The heater comes with wiring boxes for electrical installation. They come in a wide variety of standard screw plug sizes, voltages, kilowatt ratings, thermostats, terminal housings, and more, and they’re great for numerous applications.

Key Attributes of Immersion Heaters

Immersion heaters can be used to heat just about any kind of liquid and are used in gas tanks from time to time as well. The most common and known use is heat water via an electric water heater. However, it can be used to heat a fluid for testing in various industrial settings or for keeping the oil warm in the cold months. Immersion heaters work in all kinds of different situations and don’t require any kind of flame so they won’t ignite gases. This is one of the many reasons why immersion heaters are so popular.

They are great for warming animal water on farms to giving you a hot shower. They are used in our coffee pots and under our sinks, there are so many applications for immersion heaters that it is impossible to name them all. If there is a fluid that needs to be kept from freezing or to a certain temperature, immersion heaters have a solution.

  • Full wattage range-low temperature, medium temperature, and high-temperature heating.
  • Moisture resistance
  • Options for hazardous fluids hearing
  • Availability of customized immersion heaters
  • Optional flanges of different standards such as; copper nickel, manifold covers, bulkhead, weld neck, slip on, steel, etc.
  • Thermowell feature
  • Easy replaceable elements to reduce cost
  • All heaters are rotary swaged for longevity
  • Easily replaceable elements to reduce costs and long-term savings
  • Ability to maintain core structure
  • Customer supplied controller can be installed or integrated dial thermostat

Industrial Immersion Heater Products

The most efficient method of electrically heating water, oil, or other fluids is by using RAMA immersion heaters. Our heaters are made from the best quality materials and can be used in any containment vessel. Thermowells can be supplied for controller sensors.

Rama Corporation Immersion heaters for sale

All of our immersion heaters have full wattage range for any temperature. They are moisture resistant and available to be customized as well. We offer easy replaceable elements that allow them to be fixed, should something go wrong. This is a great way to save on costs for the long term user. You will find out immersion heater price is very competitive and our quality will speak for it self. We also allow our clients to supply their own controls if your custom specifications call for it.

You will find working with a company that is based in the US much simpler than most. Our customer service technicians and factory is located in sunny southern California. We are here and can respond and react to the various changes our clients need quickly. We work with our clients to provide them with the various best solutions to their problem in a timely fashion and without long shipping delays.

Our immersion heaters for sale come in various designs to suit everyone’s needs. We offer them in over the side options as well as with flanges and screw or threaded option. Depending on the application, these options usually will fit into our client’s designs as they stand. However, we also offer some great custom options as well. We are a full design engineering and manufacturing facility that works with our clients to help them get the best design for the cost.

Rama Corporation prides ourselves on our service as well as our heater expertise. If you are in the market for a custom immersion heater or any other style of the heating element we can help.

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We work with our clients to better serve them by offering custom heater options as well.  At Rama Corporation we understand that sometimes your application cannot use something simple off the shelf design.  From complex engineering to simple designs, we can help. Our expert team is dedicated to nothing but our complex heating element industry, which allows us to focus and understand our market well.  Should you be in the market or need a custom Immersion heater quote, just fill out the form below and we will be happy to go over everything with you.








USA Based Immersion Heating

Choosing a USA based manufacturer for immersion heaters has never been easier. Here at Rama Corporation, we pride ourselves on being a made in the USA manufacturer. We build all our products with US made components as well. We believe in quality and the quality control standards along with very overdue and late lead times are just not the same for overseas manufacturers. Because of this, we offer only the best quality heating components in the industry. This goes right down to the raw materials as well. It is important for us to keep our country working and maintaining high-quality standards.

Be part of the Success Stories

With our suppliers being in the United States we can have better control over our entire product manufacturing. It is easier for us to have great communication at every level and aspect of each and every product. This is important to us, as we strive to bring the very best to our clients. And, it certainly helps with quality control as well. If, for whatever reason there is an error in any of our components, troubleshooting can be completed in a matter of hours not weeks!.