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Speciality Heaters

Rama Corporation Speciality Heaters

  • Rama holds a position unique in the heater industry. Rama industrial heater company is the nation’s leading heater manufacturer who not only manufacturers a complete line of standard catalog heaters, but also manufacturers to customer specifications complete heater assemblies utilizing electric heating units. This complete single source capability for both standard heaters and special heating units, allows us to help you in design, application engineering, product engineering and to assume complete manufacturing responsibility. 

  • Our extensive experience and technical knowledge has led to the solution of countless complex heating problems in aerospace, aircraft, electronics, cryogenic, nuclear and other research, and highly technical industrial applications. These special heating units have no standards. They are in unusual configurations, cast in metals, intricately machined, utilize special electrical connectors and generally have never been done before. Our specialty heaters are representative examples of special heating units and assemblies. If you have a problem that defies solution… give us a call we’ve probably already solved it before.

Specialty Heater Products