Rama Corporation New Tooling Ability Available

In the global industrial landscape, CNC plasma cutting machines and their cutting-edge technology styles hold an unparalleled position in the market. Probably, that’s the reason behind the global plasma cutting equipment market value that has been estimated to hit a colossal spike of nearly $795 million during the forecasted period of 2017-2026, inevitably.

That’s why when certain industry applications demand impressive qualities of CNC cutting features and functions – such as clean cuts, rapid speed, a broad spectrum of operating temperature variations, and much more – highly skilled and experienced manufacturers like the Rama Corporation suggest considering CNC plasma cutting as an ultimate solution to their problems.

Newly Launched CNC Plasma Cutting Ability

Regarding heating elements for different industrial purposes on a large scale, there is nothing that can beat Rama Corporation’s agility in the field. Since 1947, staying abreast with the market trends has given us the reputation of an innovative and industry-leading heating equipment manufacturer.

And since we are always looking for ways to provide our customers with the best possible industrial solutions employing modern electrical heating techniques, this mission has led us to expand our horizons on a comprehensive level.

This time, we proudly introduce our freshly added tooling ability of top-notch CNC plasma cutting services. By doing so, we tend to extend our advanced production line capacity along with the variety of choices we offer to all our valuable clients.

With the latest computer-operated functions, CNC plasma cutting services are not only admired for their impeccable laser-like precision but are also strongly recommended by industrial experts for creating intricate and unique product profiles.

That’s what Rama Corporation aims to present to its global partners and other independent customers looking for reliable and cost-effective ways to meet their different subtractive manufacturing needs through our outstanding CNC plasma cutting services.

Features of Rama Corporation’s New Tooling Ability

Similar to the latest technological procedures adapted to make commercialized products of international standards through subtractive manufacturing equipment, Rama Corporation’s CNC plasma cutting process involves a torch head machine with a hot plasma stream that is extensively used to shape the desired products according to a digitally created (2D or 3D) design.

To make the most of this incredible CNC plasma cutting tool, our professional service includes the following two major options of material choices that are often regarded as essential features to fabricate any preferred (2D or 3D) design model into a profound product reality:

Steel and Aluminum Metals (up to 1” Thick)

One of the biggest perks of Rama Corporation’s recently inaugurated CNC plasma cutting services is the fact that our equipment has the capabilities to cut the two largely used industrial metals, namely steel, and aluminum. On top of that, our electrical tools can slice up the given metallic sheets or plates to a thickness of up to 1 inch precisely. Forming nicely sharp edges and accurate profiling helps create an exquisite final product with detailed features.

Stainless upon Special Review Request

Besides steel and aluminum, considered the hand-picked favorites of every industrial manufacturer, Rama Corporation also provides the luxury of order customization. Our vast material choices include stainless metallic options that can be arranged on special requests.

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