Thermocouple applications and use for your heating products

When looking at thermocouple applications you will find there are all kinds of applications for a thermocouple. These are used in all kinds of ways. They do not need electricity which is a huge factor, so they can be used on cars, boats in homes and on appliances without needing any power running to them.  They were used in the Space applications because of this as well. But, what are some of the uses for thermocouples? Let’s take a look.

Some thermocouple applications are found in cars to tell the fan to turn on when the engine starts to get hot.  If you have ever listened to an engine when it first starts the fan typically is not on. However, after the car has sat for a bit, the fan will kick on to pull the heat off the engine.  What tells the fan to do that is a thermocouple. Thermocouples come in all shapes and sizes as well. So, it may not be super obvious when looking inside the engine as they can be embedded inside plastics, which is insert molding.  Or they may be housed inside a probe. But they are there and they are working to keep your engine cool.

More thermocouple applications

Thermocouples can be found in our oven and stoves to tell the oven to heat up to a certain temperature and then shut off.  This allows us to regulate the temperature inside the stove and oven. Ever notice that the oven will turn on and off during use?  This is because it is regulating the temperature, without this, it was just getting hotter and hotter.

Thermocouples are used in refrigerators and freezers.  These things need to be regulated as well. And, you will certainly find thermocouples inside the fridge and freezer jut for this reason.  They too will regulate the temperature by turning the fans on and off and the cooling pumps.

Another Thermocouple application is in your electronics.  Your computers have cooling fans in them to cool the system down as it runs and works.  The longer the computer is one the hotter it gets. These high temperatures could ruin the computer’s components so that’s why there is a fan.  This fan often gets covered in dust, so be sure to clear it out from time to time as well. Keep your electronics running properly with good maintenance and cleaning from time to time.

Uses for thermocouples

Washing machines and dryers use thermocouples as well.  They need to regulate the temperature inside to ensure that the dryer is not making your clothing crispy.  Again, these thermocouples may not be what you would think they look like, but they are there and working hard to keep your appliances working as they should.

You see thermocouples are literally everywhere.  They are used to regulate fans and heat. They are small little devices that make a huge impact on our lives.  The world would be a worse place without them and many of our devices would not be able to function properly. Thermocouples are a simple yet very effective device that is used in just about every industry.

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