What is a cartridge heater with thermocouple?

A cartridge heater comes in all kinds of different sizes and shapes. While there are a lot of companies that make cartridge heater with thermocouple we like to pride ourselves on our quality and excellent customer service. We here at Rama Corporation believe in providing our clients with products that will last and hold up even in rugged conditions. All the cartridge heater with thermocouple are swagged (highly compact) and you should expect nothing less from your cartridge heater.  Because of this construction, they are more responsible and deliver heat more quickly.

Custom Cartridge Heaters

Cartridge heaters with thermocouple do occasionally fail. These failures are usually due to contamination, moisture, and fit. The best thing to do is to discuss what your project is with our customer service agent to find out what would be the best choice for your particular project. Not all cartridge heaters are the same. They come in different sizes as well as different voltages which put off different heat. There are medium and high watt options to choose from.

Cartridge heaters with thermocouple are usually used for heating the surface directly. There are complex formulas used to determine the watt, density and fit needed for each application. The next calculation is determining the Quality, Rating and Size needed as well as calculating the fit.  

Customizing your cartridge heater with thermocouple

There are some things that can easily be customized on a cartridge heater such as the lead wire types, mounting options, lead options, end seal options, and even the built-in thermocouple.  This thermocouple comes in a variety of specs so you will need the correct thermocouple of the job. It can be attached to the inside of the cartridge heater or to the middle of the heater. These types of cartridge heaters are used to heat metal components in a tool and die.  They can are used to heat water in many applications. With the thermocouple on board, they are more sensitive to temperature changes and will turn on and off automatically. Depending on the stress that will be put onto the wires, cartridge heaters come with various sized and materials for lead wires to best suit their particular application.

If you do not have a heating engineer on staff, we can help. We do all the complex calculations for you to determine which cartridge heater best suits your application. We have offered custom-designed heaters for those applications that just cannot find something off the shelf that will work for their particular application. Often times, something we have in stock will work, but when it doesn’t we can build something that will!

If you think you need a cartridge heater or know you need one but not sure which or what to order.  We can help. Rama Corporation has been in the heater business for over 70 years. We are dedicated to our industry and know and understand it well.  This makes us a great resource to find the perfect heater for your application.

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