Electric flanged heater benefits in the mining industry

The mining industry extracts precious minerals and materials mainly found in ore bodies. This involves various processes that require heating. The materials are then processed and refined to produce precious metals, which are used in making everything non-organic from jewelry, cutlery, crockery, and even electronics.

This is why mining products enjoy high levels of demand from industries across the globe. To meet this demand, miners rely on technology to improve and ease the arduous task of finding and extracting minerals from their respective ores. And that’s where electric flanged heaters come in.

Electric flanged heaters in this industry are the products of years of technological improvement aimed at increasing the productivity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of processes.

So here we’ll look at just how much the electric flanged heaters benefit the mining industry.


The mining process uses extremely corrosive chemicals on machinery, causing the need to repair and replace equipment every other time. This is a very frustrating and costly affair that every miner wishes to avoid.

Fortunately, electric flanged heaters can be custom-made with corrosion-resistant materials based on the customers’ preference. The customization, which usually entails using non-ferrous materials, assures miners of equipment longevity and better product quality from the extraction process.

Precise Temperature Control

Heating different chemicals is a challenge to miners because of the incredible power needed to achieve and maintain desired temperatures. The chemicals are mainly contained in cylindrical tanks heated from the bottom, making electric flange heaters especially valuable.

Immersion Heater

Flange heaters can meet and maintain the precise temperatures needed in the mining process. They are installed directly into the bottom of the tank in custom configurations that make uniform heating possible. Additionally, Electric power is particularly efficient in allowing the flange heaters to attain, maintain and adjust to the needed temperature.

Large Volume Heating

In large-scale mining, the volume of heated materials is enormous. For example, some processes use heating containers as large as 50,000 gallons. The amount of power needed to achieve this is a great challenge to miners. Thus, the heating system should be efficient to ensure the miners’ operating costs are reduced.

Flange immersion heater units installed in a sequence should achieve and maintain the required temperature at the least cost. But due to the high temperatures, they will require careful material selection to avoid corrosion.

The most commonly used material that is resistant is chromium.

Direct Installation

Mining vessels used in heating, face the problems of leakage, spills, and weak points arising from drilling access holes for placing the heaters. Fortunately, Flanged heaters are welded directly into the tanks meaning that there’s no need for such holes to be drilled.

And because the flange heaters come into direct contact with the product they heat, they carry an added advantage of providing direct heating. This guarantees maximum efficiency because no energy is wasted in heating the vessels first.


As earlier hinted, electric heaters are generally safer to use than their combustion counterparts. The risk involved in operating gas combustion equipment is very significant to the on-site personnel, the equipment, and the product being extracted. Luckily, Electric heaters are safer and more reliable.


Different sectors in the mining industry require different materials for their equipment because each deals with different levels of corrosion. Luckily, electric flanged heaters are versatile enough to be customized to the customer’s needs. For instance, customers who deal in heavy and light crude oil will request steel flanges,  whereas those dealing in highly corrosive environments will require exotic alloys such as titanium.


As seen above, miners require a powerful, reliable, and efficient heat source.

Electric flanged immersion heaters fit this description perfectly because they are efficient at heating the chemicals with no wastage of energy regardless of the size of the vessels. This is because they are installed directly into the bottom of the tank, as earlier noted, meaning direct heating is achieved.

Get your flange heaters today

Flange immersion heaters have numerous benefits in the mining industry. They are durable, powerful, efficient, and safe even in the face of the extreme temperatures commonly used in mining. However, you still need to get your heaters from a reliable manufacturer, like Rama Corporation. We are a leading designer and manufacturer of heating elements for various industries, including flange heaters for the mining sector. Contact us today to get a quote on your flange heater.

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