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RAMAFLEX heaters are tough, flexible and versatile. They provide even heat distribution on both uniform and irregular surfaces. RAMAFLEX heaters are designed for use on industrial equipment and devices where moderate heating is required. They are light weight and their thin cross-section permits their use in limited access space not easily modified for other types of heating elements.

The Rama-Flex silicone rubber heaters offer you almost limitless heating applications. They can be fabricated in all types of applications. They can be fabricated in all types of configurations to fit almost any size and shape part. Rama-Flex heaters provide reliable heat up to 475°F and can be used in all types of atmospheres. Their extreme flexibility affords maximum easy of application, and their light weight, thin cross section, and long life make them ideally suited to countless uses in both commercial and military applications.

Easily applied, they can be mounted in almost any manner to suit your specific requirements. Rama-Flex heaters can be cemented, bonded, clamped, laced, or applied using spring or snap fasteners. Their tremendous versatility affords you a ready solution to any heating problem where long life, temperatures up to 475°F, light weight, flexibility and rapid mounting are important factors. Rama-Flex silicone rubber heaters are manufactured to highest quality standards and are subjected to thorough testing and inspection before shipment.

Ramaflex heaters can be designed for installation on variety of shapes and for many uses. They can be attached to parts as follows:

  • Hooks and springs
  • Snap-together fasteners
  • Clamping bands
  • Lacing eyelets
  • Bonded using pressure sensitive adhesives
  • Vulcanized to customer part

Unlimited Versatility in Design and Application


Rama-Flex heaters are manufactured by laminating the resistance element between two sheets of glass cloth which have been impregnated with silicone rubber. Standard Rama-Flex units have a nominal thickness of .055 inches. Standard weight is approximately 7 oz./sq. ft. Extra thin heaters can be furnished which weigh as little as 2 oz. /sq. ft.


If your requirements call for heaters of a specified thickness, this can be readily achieved by laminating additional silicone rubber sheets, or by molding the heater to desired thickness. By molding the heater, practically any dimension may be achieved.


For specific requirements, many types of thermal insulation or reflective materials may be used. For thermal insulation, silicone sponge rubber, urethane foam or fiberglass batting can be provided. Rama-Flex heaters can also be furnished with a highly reflective aluminized surface to minimize heat radiation, or with a dull black surface for many specialized uses such as photographic applications.


Rama-Flex heaters can be applied using any of several mounting methods.

Cemented: Pressure sensitive adhesive coatings can be provided which adhere to almost any surface including most metals and plastics. (Note: When the heaters are to be held in storage for long periods before use, this type of adhesive is not recommended.)

Bonded: When a strong, permanent bond is desired, a curing-type silicone rubber adhesive should be used. There are several types available. Heaters can be bonded to your parts at our factory, or we will supply recommendations for proper adhesives to meet your requirements upon request.

Lacing and Spring or Snap Fasteners: For requirements on cylindrical parts or where the installation is to be temporary, lacing or fasteners can be used. Eyelets are applied to the edges of the heater, and either snap fasteners, spring fasteners or lacing can be used to mount the Rama-Flex heater on the part to be heated. In using the spring fastener, variations in circumference are automatically compensated for, and the heater is held in close contact with the part.


Rama-Flex heaters can be provided in virtually any size or shape required. Minimum size is 3/8” x 1”. Maximum size is 3 ft. x 10 ft., however even larger sizes can be provided if a splice is acceptable. The splice does not affect heater application, however it does increase cross section approximately .010” to .025” at the splice point. Shapes can be varied to meet individual requirements, and virtually any shape can be provided.

All Rama-Flex silicone rubber heaters are manufactured under strict quality control standards, and are thoroughly inspected prior to shipment. All units are checked for proper resistance, correct location of resistance element, continuity of circuits, etc. Metal backed units are ground tested and must withstand a minimum of 1,500 volts RMS (or more if specified.) Moisture-proof units are given water tests. Additional testing and examination will be conducted upon request. If you require special testing or certification, please specify this when ordering. Complete inspection records are maintained on all shipments.

Quality Construction


The resistance element is constructed by winding one or more fine nickel alloy wires around a glass string. This type of assembly increases the strength and flexibility of the resistance element and affords great resistance (up to 500 ohms/sq. inch) in a confined area. The winding, which is generally longitudinal, can be brought to within 1/8” of the outside edges. In construction of this type, almost all of the surface of the unit becomes a heating surface. When the heater design permits, several element wires are used in parallel, thus should the unit be damaged, the failure would be confined to a single element, and only a small percentage of the total wattage would be lost.


When the resistance element assembly is completed, it is next laminated between two sheets of glass cloth which have been carefully impregnated with silicone rubber. A special silicone rubber adhesive is used to position the resistance element while under vacuum to expel all air. The sheath is then vulcanized under pressure to form a completely uniform, flexible dielectric sheath. The heaters are next cured at 450°F to remove all vulcanizing agents. The completed Rama-Flex insulating sheath provides outstanding dielectric properties at high temperatures and can withstand severe vibration. The Rama-Flex sheath affords low moisture absorption, resistance to lubricating oils and most chemicals, and will not crack or craze with age. Carefully controlled manufacturing methods insure uniform sheath thickness, maximum dielectric strength and extreme flexibility. Moisture-proof units for immersion applications can be furnished upon request.


Rama-Flex heaters are furnished with 8” Teflon insulated type leads as standard, which meet MIL-W-16878 specifications. Almost any other available lead wire, in most colors is also available upon request. Moisture resistant units are furnished with aircraft-type leads to meet MIL-W-8777 specifications. Lead projection can be placed at any position along the edge of the unit, or at nominal additional cost, they can be placed on the surface of the unit. On standard units, the lead connections are insulated with a small disc of sheath material vulcanized to the heater sheath. Leads are silver soldered to a brass terminal after the sheath has been vulcanized and cured. This allows the use of almost any length and type of lead wire. Lead pull-out strength exceeds 10 lbs. per lead. Rigid terminals are also available upon request.


Rama-Flex silicone rubber heaters can be furnished with built-in thermostats. Many types of thermostats are available. Rama engineers will be happy to give you recommendations based upon your specific requirements.

RAMAFLEX heaters are manufactured to rigid specifications. They are durable and reliable. Construction features are as follows:

  • the SHEATH or outer covering: fiberglass-reinforced silicone rubber, which is resistant to damage by oils and most chemicals; it will not crack or craze with age.
  • the RESISTANCE ELEMENT is interwoven with a glass thread to provide additional strength against breaking. The reissteance element is completed covered on both sides by the fiberglass-reinforced silicone rubber sheath.
  • the entire assembly is VULCANIZED to provide a tough, tear – resistant blanket heater, with maximum dielectric strength
  • LEADWIRES: 10” Teflon-insulated are standard; other types can be incorporated. Standard leadwires meet the requirements of MIL-W-16878 or MIL-W-8777. Leadwires can exit any edge or surface of the heater.

Available silicone colors

  • Red (standard)
  • White
  • Green
  • Black
  • Other colors available upon request

Silk screen options

Rama has pioneered the inception of silk screen options for your flexible heater product. Please let us know if you will require a logo to be silk screened on your next order!

RAMAFLEX silicone rubber heaters are manufactured under strict quality control standards, and are thoroughly inspected prior to shipment. All units are checked for proper resistance, correct location of resistance element, continuity of circuits, etc. Metal-backed units are ground-tested and must withstand a minimum of 1,500 volts RMS (or more if specified). Additional testing and examination will be conducted upon request. If you require testing or certification, please specify this when ordering. Complete inspection records are maintained on all shipments.

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RAMA produces heaters that meet stringent regulatory codes of several industries and agencies. Our production process is accepted by NASA, the aerospace industry, military and nuclear communities as well as local, state and federal codes. All of our heating elements are designed to meet the specifications of NEMA (National Electrical Manufactures Association), unless otherwise specified by the customer .

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Rama products are the strongest and most versatile industrial heaters on the market. We design and manufacture Rama® Flex heaters to provide moderate heat and even distribution on both irregular and smooth surfaces. The Rama® Flex heater is designed for use with industrial equipment in limited access spaces. We are extremely proud of our Rama® Flex heaters and welcome you to try one of the most durable, flexible, heaters available.

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