Custom Heating Element Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Rama Corporation provides custom heating solutions for many different sectors, one of which is the healthcare industry. Electric heating elements in the medical and healthcare processes require top-of-the-line custom solutions in order to meet strict industry standards. We provide custom heating element solutions for the healthcare industry that accommodate our customers’ budgets as well as their specific electrical requirements and material specifications. 

Processes that use Rama’s Heaters

Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing involves building physical parts on a layer-by-layer basis. Think of it as 3D printing. The medical industry is one of the largest users of this form of manufacturing, employing it in; 

  • Medical research and development
  • Preclinical testing and planning
  • Making 3D-printed medical devices like implants, prosthetics, dental, hearing aids, and medical instruments.  

Rama Corporation makes Cartridge heaters and Silicon Rubber heaters for additive manufacturing in the medical industry.  

Injection molding

Injection molding is one of the most common processes in the medical industry. Rama Corporation heating element manufactures medical-grade injection molding heaters which are used to make medical components and devices. They can also be reliably used to make laboratory and facility equipment like beakers, test tubes, surgical equipment, implantable components, and housing and casings for medical and laboratory equipment. 

Rama Corporation injection mold heaters allow for accurate and cost-efficient processes with durable results.   

Plastic Filament Extrusion

Plastic extrusion involves enriching a polymer material with desired additives before melting and forming it in a continuous process. In the medical industry, the process is typically used to make plastic tubing. It is typically a high-volume manufacturing process, so, the heating solution for melting the plastic needs to be durable and reliable. 

Rama Corporation makes excellent cast-in heaters, band heaters, and cartridge heaters for plastic extrusion in medical and healthcare processes. 

Get your custom solution from Rama

Rama Corporation has been providing custom heating solutions for the health and medicine industry for ages now. Employing talented and dedicated engineers, we are able to work with you hand in hand to develop the most suitable solution for your specific situation. 


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