Hot Runner Heaters

Hot runner heaters, like most heaters, are designed to work with the mold and molding machine. They have excellent parts and are preferred where there is a need to save on material.

How do they work?

Hot runner heaters have one of two sources of heat; an embedded heat source or an external one. They differ slightly, with each having its own advantages and disadvantages.

Embedded heat sources

As in their name, embedded heat sources are attached inside the machine. This may protect them from external damage, but it also prevents them from shifting. In addition, the heaters are optimized for Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) to ensure maximum output during application.

Overall, embedded heat sources have more contact areas than external ones, making them more efficient. They also have more ways of heating and are thus faster, easier to use, and more accurate with their readings.

External heat sources

External heaters cost less than embedded ones. However, they are not as precise and have fewer features.   On the bright side, external heaters can stack, should more be needed, and are far easier to repair since they have common parts that can be found just about anywhere. They also have easy-to-use temperature control.

Which should I pick?

Both heater designs will do the job. So, it’s a matter of preference and material needs. If accuracy is not as important to you or the material you are using is easy to work with, then a simple, inexpensive external heater is a great option. But if you have a finicky material with a limited temperature range, an internal heater is the way to go.

Note that injection molding machines have many moving components that can make the external heater shift and loosen. So if you opt for such a heater, check it regularly to ensure it’s still in its appropriate place. A little extra maintenance can also make these heat sources work almost as good as internal ones.

Whichever heat source you pick, Rama Corporation provides it- common parts included. Having these parts readily available is important for clients since they’re useful when the need for a quick repair arises. Thus, you don’t have to shut down the entire line for hours because one machine is down. Be sure to check out our line of hot runner heaters today.

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