Hot Runner Heaters

Hot runner heaters, as with all heaters are designed to work as they should with the mold and molding machine.  These are used to save on material and have excellent parts at the same time. Hot runner heaters have a couple of different sources of heat from an embedded heat source to external heat sources.

The embedded heat sources have some advantages as do the external sources.  Embedded heat sources are optimized for Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE). This ensures they have the optimal output for the application.  They are better at efficiency as they have more contact areas than external heat sources. And, they are protected inside the machine from external damage.  Embedded heat sources are intact to the machine so they will never shift either.

External heaters have a lower cost as they are not as precise and there is nothing super fancy about them.  They have the ability to stack, should more be needed and they are far easier to repair since they have common parts that can be found just about anywhere.

Looking more into Embedded Heat

We found out that embedded sources have more ways of heating than external. Looking at the machine using embedded power makes the process faster and easier than outside sources. These are also more accurate and precise with their readings.  Using the internal heater you are not facing external elements because of them being enclosed.

Looking at The External Heat

Having external heat for your hot runner heater has ups and downs. However, one great feature of eternal heaters is the cost.  They have easy-to-use temperature control Because these are the most commonly used heaters parts are in abundance. The downfall is that these heaters are not as accurate as of the embedded heaters.

Comparing the Heaters

Whether you like the internal heater or an external heater. Rama Corporation provides them all.  And, we also carry the common parts that one may need for a quick repair. Keeping these parts on the shelves is important for our clients.  After all, if the machine is down, the entire line can be shut down. We understand time is money. That is why we suggest and recommend having backups of smaller parts and components such as band and runner heaters.

Both designs of the heater will do the job, it really is about preference and material needs.   If accuracy is not as important to you or the material you are using then a simple and inexpensive external heater is a great option.  However, if you have a finicky material that has a limited temperature range then the internal heater is the way to go. Injection molding machines have a lot of moving components that can make the external heater shift and become loose.  If you go with an external heater ensure that you check the heater often to be sure that it is still placed correctly. A little extra maintenance can make these heaters work almost as great as the internal. Be sure to check out our line of hot runner heaters today.

The following categories of heating elements make choosing Rama Corporation easy. Choose from any of the following: Band and Strip Heaters, Cartridge Heaters, Coiled Nozzle Heaters, Flexible Heaters, Immersion Heaters, Multicell Heaters, PVC Heaters, Thermocouples, Tubular Heaters, and Specialty Heaters.

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