Modification E | NPT Bushing

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Stainless steel or brass bushing, welded or brazed to the terminal end of heater sheath at cold junction. Leadwires using fiberglass , Teflon, or silicone rubber insulation may be but connected to terminal pins. The bushing may also be potted with epoxy, silicone rubber, or castable ceramics to fill the cavity if desired. This heater can be modified from stock.

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Rama’s cartridge heaters are the highest quality available. The Rama®Rod heaters are the result of many years experience perfecting high watt-density elements which are capable of long life at elevated temperatures. Rama®Rod heaters are manufactured with an Incoloy sheath and Incoloy end disc in addition to lava seal. They provide continuous sheath temperature up to 1600°F, as well as uniform, accurate heating in the lower temperature range. Our EDM® cartridge heaters are manufactured with stainless steel sheath, stainless steel end disc material and mica seal. These heaters are designed specifically to provide excellent heating in the moderate ranges. The EDM® cartridge heater can provide sheath temperature up to 1200°F. Whatever your heating requirements, RAMA can provide the right heater for your application.