Screw-In | Heater

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The most efficient method of electrically heating water, oil, or other fluids is by using RAMA immersion heaters. Our heaters are made from the best quality materials and can be used in any containment vessel. Thermowells can be supplied for controller sensors.

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  • Standard terminal housings are dust resistant or moisture resistant
  • We use standard explosion proof housings
  • Water resistant versions of our explosion proof housings are available upon request
  • Commercial 150 and 300 pound steel or stainless steel flanges are used
  • Minimum 2”cold area required
  • Special terminal housings
  • Special flanges
  • Metric flanges available upon request
  • Black oxide per MIL-C-13924C Class 1
  • Hard black anodize per MIL-8525R Type III Class 2
  • Black anodize per MIL-8625F Type I Class 2
  • Custom designs to meet your specifications are a RAMA specialty